do you know the sound of a thousand butterflies –

warmed by the morning sun

taking off together

from the branch of the oyamel tree?

for me, this is part of the dreamscape that is moving together in healing from capitalism. as i see it, this movement is about reclaiming relationships: to our full selves, to each other, to land, while we repair and heal from collective traumas like racism, classism, and colonialism. i write from and to a “we” who have mostly benefitted from these systems of oppression – and have taken on intergenerational trauma to do so. these traumas are different and related to those on the other sides of oppressions.

moving out of these systems is not purely logical or rational, rather, it requires our hearts and our wholeness. so i ask:

what if we are caterpillars, about to undergo a metamorphosis,

so that one day we can see from above

the landscape of other economic realities?

my forthcoming book will be an overview of emerging and existing economies – sharing projects outside of capitalism to showcase the magnitude and diversity of what’s been happening (like networks of worker-owned cooperatives, Indigenous land trusts, civic governance experiments, credit unions, art-based healing, transformative justice, to name a few!)

though participating will certainly require moving our money, resources, and relationships out of capitalism, to bring along our full selves, we will need more than that. as such, i include personal practices that support this deeper involvement, not just through economic means (like how to participate in decolonization and reparations), but also through the spiritual and collective healing that is necessary for deep transformation. the book concludes with a section on how to do this work in community: in praxis groups to learn, practice, and heal together.

we start to feel the sun warming our wings,

preparing us for collective migration

out of capitalism and

into economies of love, healing, and reconnection.

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